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From Beach Vogue to Fashion Forward, Second Hand Wedges Deliver

The humble wedge has been around since the time of ancient Greece – it’s a practical solution to shoe design that offers plenty of benefits. However, today’s designers have taken things up a notch or two and you’ll find a host of different styles out there. Today’s wedges can be relaxed, bold, bright, polished, or even funky. Plus, buying second hand wedges helps ensure that you get the height of fashion that you crave without breaking the bank in the process.

The Range of Second Hand Wedge Styles

When it comes to pre owned wedges, you’ll discover an incredibly wide range of styles. For instance, Prada wedges can be elegant and beautiful, as home in the boardroom as they are in the showroom, but the fashion house also offers fun and funky designs that blend sneaker style with a wedge stole. Balenciaga wedges run the gamut from refined to bohemian, offering an incredible sense of style and panache.

There are plenty of other fashion and design firms offering their unique takes on the wedge format, too. Tory Burch, Lisa Ho, Marc Jacobs, Fendi – these are just some of the names you’ll encounter in our marketplace.

A Price You’re Going to Love

Adore high street fashion but don’t want to pay the sticker price? With second hand luxury shoes, you don’t have to worry about that. You can buy high-end brands for a fraction of what you’d be charged at a high street retailer in the Modsie marketplace.

We Protect You

At Modsie, we believe that you should be able to shop for designer products without worrying about knockoffs or counterfeits. To that end, we subject every item sold to a lengthy authentication process guaranteed to ensure that you get exactly what is described in the product listing. It’s never been simpler to buy genuine luxury shoes without paying full price.