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The Most Versatile Shoe: Flats

All shoe styles bring something to the table. Boots can be elegant or utilitarian. Pumps can be professional or sexy. Wedges can be polished or relaxed. However, nothing beats the flexibility and versatility of a good pair of flats, particularly designer items from some of the top names in the fashion industry. From business casual to kicking around town with your girlfriends, flats work well in just about any environment, and the wide range of designs ensures you’re able to get the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.

Some of the most popular styles include ballet flats, loafers, jellies, and walking shoes. Most of them lack laces, but many offer buckles, bows, fringes or frills to create a unique look. You’ll discover used designer flats constructed from 100% leather, as well as from canvas, synthetic materials, velvet, suede, and more.

Names You Recognise

Choosing the right pair of shoes can be challenging. You’ve got a lot of considerations to make – do you want low-heel, sueded, a pair of flats accented with Swarovski crystal? We can make at least part of the process easier on you. Our selection of pre-owned shoes come from designers that you know and love. Choose from options ranging from Salvatore Ferragamo flats to Chanel flats, Valentino Rockstud flats to footwear from Bally, Burberry, Tod’s, and more.

Quality You Can Count On

The Modsie marketplace is built on trust because we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that every product listed for sale is subjected to a rigorous authentication process. We offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re buying the genuine article every single time, whether you buy pre-owned flats, are shopping for a second hand bag, or you’re browsing our selection of high-end accessories.