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The Slim, Go-Anywhere Fashion Must-Have

Women’s clutches offer uncompromising style and a compact form factor. When a regular purse just won’t do, grab your trusty clutch to ensure that you’ve got just the essentials. Our selection of used designer clutches helps to make certain that you’ve got the perfect look for any event, from a gala night to your day-to-day.

Designer Clutch Bags for All Styles

Whether you’re interested in a Louis Vuitton clutch, something from Givenchy, a crystal-studded affair from Swarovski, a Chanel clutch, or something else, you’ll discover Modsie offers something for everyone. Wow the crowd with a slim, sleek, black patent affair, or go bold with a tartan style Burberry clutch.

It’s not all about colours and finishes, either. Think that women’s clutches must all be svelte and understated? Think again. Some options are large enough to hold personal electronics. We help you find the ideal solution for your personal style and your unique needs.

Shop with Peace of Mind

The fashion world is no stranger to knockoffs, but you never need to worry about that when shopping through Modsie. We connect motivated sellers with buyers eager to purchase, while providing an authentication service to ensure that you always get what you pay for. It’s all about peace of mind and guaranteeing authenticity.

Buy or Sell

From Gucci to Yves Saint Laurent, our women’s clutches are offered by private sellers. Modsie is a ground-breaking platform designed to help you find the ideal purses, shoes, clothing, and accessories for any need, or to help you make a little extra cash from the products you no longer need. Whether you’re buying or selling, we help streamline the process and make it as simple and easy as possible.