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Second Hand Designer Scarves, Ties, and Gloves to Showcase Your Sense of Style

When we think about designer clothing, most of us picture blouses and pants, dresses and jeans, shoes and handbags. However, there are a few unsung heroes of the fashion world that can really accentuate anyone’s sense of style and help create the ideal outfit. In fact, second hand designer scarves, ties, and gloves can even make one outfit look like many.

Accent Pieces to Create Your Look

When we talk about scarves, ties, and gloves, what we’re discussing are accent pieces. Yes, they can offer warmth and protection during the winter, but they also bring an undeniable change in style. For instance, pairing a blouse with the right tie can add a bit of formality to an ensemble that might otherwise be rather casual. Of course, ties can also add fun and colour to more subdued outfits. Scarves can do the same thing, transforming what might otherwise be a humdrum outfit into something elegant. Gloves offer much the same benefit, lending style and panache to your ensemble.

At Modsie, you’ll discover a wide range of pre owned designer scarves, ties, and gloves from the world’s most famous designers and fashion houses. For instance, a Burberry scarf or Hermes scarf might be the ideal way to set off that new blouse. Or, you might decide that an Escada fur stole is the luxury touch that you’ve been missing. Maybe a graphic screen-printed silk scarf is what you need, or perhaps a butter yellow silk tie would be the ideal accent for your wardrobe.

The Real Deal, Guaranteed

At Modsie, we strive to put a stop to the glut of fakes on the market. Every piece of clothing, pair of designer shoes, or luxury handbag within our marketplace has gone through a moderation process and will be physically authenticated once purchased. That’s our guarantee to you.