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Top Off Your Outfit with Second Hand Designer Hats

Whether it’s a baseball cap, a race hat, a bucket hat, a sun hat, or something else, there’s nothing that provides the same addition to your wardrobe. The right hat can do more than just make a statement – it draws the eye of the viewer in an undeniable way. It stands out from the crowd while providing comfort, protection from the sun, and, of course, style.

The Brands You Know and Love

At Modsie, we provide access to second hand designer hats from brands that you know and love already. Shop our pages and find hats from COACH, Gucci, Gregory Ladner, and more. It’s not just about style or brand name, though. You can sort your results by colour to ensure that you’re able to match your outfit, by size so that you get the perfect fit, by price so you don’t overpay, by condition, and even by material so you get the ideal fit and wearability.

Our Commitment to Authenticity

The rise of knockoff designer products makes it challenging to buy confidently. Some of the fakes on the market are so well-made that it is hard to tell them from the real thing until you see it in person. At Modsie, we love high fashion and we believe that our buyers deserve to shop with peace of mind. To that end, we require all of our sellers to send their products to our Quality Control team for a stringent authentication procedure before being shipped to their buyer. Whether they’re selling second hand designer hats, clothing, shoes, or something else, we will not list the product unless it meets all of our moderation requirements.

Sell with Modsie

Do you have a few designer products you would like to sell for extra cash or to make room in your closet for new treasures? Why not sell with Modsie? It’s easy and there’s no cost unless your item sells.