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The Perfect Accoutrement for Your Ensemble

Belts are so much more than just a way to keep clothing from riding down or to keep your blouse tucked in. They’re an incredibly important part of your ensemble and can tie the whole thing together, quite literally. Second hand designer belts offer you the beauty, style, and design of high-end items without the price tag you’ll find at high street shops.

Finding the Perfect Pre Owned Designer Belts

Shopping for the ideal accessory requires more than simply browsing by brand name – a Gucci belt or a Hermes belt may or may not be the right choice. Instead of limiting yourself to a single design house, broaden your search. At Modsie, we give you the power to shop by brand, but also by colour, price, condition, and even material. Sure, a luxury Hermes belt might be beautiful, but what if a leather Louis Vuitton belt better matched your ensemble in terms of colour? What if you found a Versace leather belt that offered a closer match in terms of overall style?

You should also consider other elements of the belt – do you want a reversible one that can be worn with a wider range of ensembles? What about the buckle – how big is too big? Buckle colour should also be considered. A chrome buckle might not fit with your outfit the same way a bronze buckle would, or vice versa.

Guaranteed Genuine

At Modsie, we understand that buying second hand designer belts can be daunting due to the number of knockoffs on the market. We are different from other marketplaces. Every single item our sellers list goes through a stringent moderation and a physical authentication once sold to ensure that it is genuine. You’ll only find the real deal with Modsie, so you can shop with confidence.