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Pre Owned Luxury Hermes Bags, Clothing, and Accessories

One of the oldest fashion houses in the world, Hermes was established in 1837. In the nearly 200 years the brand has existed, it has never wavered from its mission of designing and producing the most exquisite products for buyers with discerning tastes unwilling to accept products of lesser quality.

The Origins of the Brand

The company we would eventually know as Hermes was founded in the early 1800s by Thierry Hermes. Originally, Thierry produced leather harnesses for horses and carriages. His son, Charles-Emile, moved the company to Paris, and his grandsons and were soon furnishing European aristocracy with saddles and other leather goods. By the 1920s, the fashion house had expanded into clothing and accessories, with the first leather Hermes bag being introduced in 1922.

Today, the company is a multi-billion dollar luxury designer with locations around the world. They have expanded far beyond luxury leather goods, and now manufactures and designs everything from jewellery to scarves and even perfume and watches.

Second Hand Hermes Designer Products on Modsie

Within our marketplace, you’ll discover high-end, pre owned designer products. Whether you’re looking for a pre-loved Hermes belt or pocket square, or you’re in the market for a pair of sandals, a Hermes Birkin bag, or a Hermes wallet, our sellers can help.

Finding the second hand designer products you want is as simple as can be. Browse all items at one go or use the category tags at the side of the page to sort them as you wish. Choose between different colours, opt for specific sizes, sort by price, and refine by condition and material.

All Authentic Hermes Products

We can guarantee the authenticity of every second hand designer product in our marketplace because we individually authenticate every item sold. It’s our commitment to you.