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Second Hand Chloé Dresses, Handbags, Accessories and More

Chloé might not have quite the same name recognition as Prada or Louis Vuitton, but the fashion house has a long history and is known for forward-thinking design, high-quality products, and stunning style.

The Origins of Chloé

Chloé was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. Her vision for the design house was as a source of ready to wear fashion for customers around the world. This was prompted by her realisation that customers of the day were demanding more and more items that combined haute couture with ready to wear capabilities – the ability to buy designer clothing off the rack, which is something that we take for granted in today’s world.

She remained at the helm until 1985 when the company was bought out by Alfred Dunhill Ltd., which itself would eventually become Richemont. Over the years, Chloé has evolved and changed, largely due to different artistic directors. Martine Sitbon and Karl Lagerfeld both filled this role for the company at one point. Stella McCartney had a major influence on Chloé’s designs, making them at once both more feminine and more impertinent.

Chloé Today

Today, the company is active around the world and recognised for its feminine yet elegant designs. From the Chloé Drew bag to Erika sandals, leather knee boots, and Carlina petite sunglasses, second hand designer products give you the chance to own true luxury for far less than you would expect.

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